iii design compact

iii design compact


We designed a limited edition commemorative Tote Bag for the second anniversary of the opening of the MUJI Kudamm Berlin flagship shop.

MUJI Kudamm Berlin Germany


Ciao 2.0 of iii design compact

was shortlisted in the DesignPlus X Maison Object design competition in 2022

DesignPlus X Maison Object


iii design compact

is now a DesignPlus Global member studio

DesignPlus Global-Shanghai Design Week


Extra Ordinary project of Yuhang Ke

was shortlisted in the einundzwanzig design competition in 2022

Ein und zwanzig design competition


Extra Ordinary project of Yuhang Ke

Exhibition at University of Art Berlin (Rundgang UdK 2021)

Extra Ordinary project is master graduation project of Yuhang Ke. He shows some tiny lovely ordinary details within 10 objects. This project was a part of master programm of University of Art Berlin in 2021(MAKE!?).


Cappadocia lamp of iii design compact

DuPont Tyvek Design Competition 2021 | 2rd Prize 

Cappadocia Light is a lamp named after the famous hot air balloon tourist city in Turkey: Cappadocia, using magnetic levitation technology and Dupont Tyvek material.